5S in the Office

Duration: 17 mins

5S is a system of planning and organising which will save time, money and frustration in any office.

This Australian produced video clearly explains what 5S is and how to apply it in any office environment. It could be a large or small office in any industry such as manufacturing, health care, government, education, financial, construction or defence services.

 5S is:

  • easy to start and keep going
  • does not cost much to put into action
  • saves money because there is less waste
  • encourages better workplace communication
  • reduces workplace hazards.

5S makes sense!

The resource also comes with a Trainer Guide, support materials and a PowerPoint that can be customised for different working and training situations.

 The Trainer’s Guide includes:

  • information on how to use the video
  • strategies for trainers to support learners with language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) needs
  • the script for the video
  • key words from the script with Plain English explanations
  • key learning points for each video chapter
  • discussion questions
  • learning activities
  • worksheets for learners
  • mapping of the video to MSS402041A Apply 5S in an office
  • mapping of the unit MSS402041A Apply 5S in an office to the Australian Core Skills Framework.

The PowerPoint:

The PowerPoint presentation can be used by the trainer in conjunction with the video to focus learners on key points and allow the trainer to expand on specific content.

It can be customised to a particular enterprise, so that training can be made relevant to the learners.

There are two other videos in this 5S series – What is 5S and 5S in Manufacturing for Team Leaders.

Project developed by Fran Haarsma Productions and Ideas That work. Funded under the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

ISBN 978-0-9873157-1-7

Topics covered:

  • What is 5S?
  • Sort
  • Set
  • Shine
  • Standardise
  • Sustain

Resource Material for:

The resource can be used to support the delivery of the unit  MSS402041A Apply 5S in an office from the  MSS11 Sustainability Training Package for the following qualifications:

  • MSS20312 Certificate II Competitive Systems and Practices
  • MSS30312 Certificate III Competitive Systems and Practices.

The unit MSS402041A Apply 5S in an office has been designed for incorporation into other Training Packages such as Business, Property Services, Automotive, Public Sector, Health and Government.

This resource can also be used across a number of Training Packages, qualifications and units of competency as an example of an effective lean tool that incorporates LLN skills and relates to real work needs and outcomes.

For example, “5S in the Office” is a simple and effective lean tool to:

  • monitor resource usage and maintenance, which is an element in the unit BSBADM311 Maintain business resources from the BSB Business Service Training Package which is imported into a number of other Training Packages.
  • seek opportunities to improve resource efficiency, which is an element in the unit BSBSUS201A Participate in environmental sustainable work practices from BSB.

RTOs and organisations can use this resource in several ways:

  • in classroom delivery
  • for in-house or supervisor-led training
  • as a flexible delivery resource
  • for refresher purposes, particularly for non-English speaking workers or those developing their LLN skills.

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