Fran Haarsma Productions writes and produces training and promotional videos on a broad range of subjects, and for diverse audiences, in areas such as aged and community services, disability, education, health, business, indigenous, manufacturing, enterprise and construction.

Fran Haarsma Productions specialises in clear communication – making the complex simple and getting real people to tell their stories to inform and inspire the viewer.


Gold Clio, Australian Writers and Art Director’s award, Australian Television Society Penguin, Gold Serif Business Communications.

Some Fran Haarsma Productions are:

Community and Aged Services

Food Safety in the Home explains how food safety is part of our work in the home every day and how we must always handle food safely when we buy, store, prepare and cook food.

Infection Control in the Home. Germs spread infection and illness, which is harmful to our clients and to us. This video explains how germs spread and how we can control infection by clean habits and a clean environment.
Manual Handling Personal Care Work. The manual handling examples demonstrated in this video show workers supporting clients in their home with showering, dressing and mobility.

Understanding and Responding to Behaviours of Concern looks at the types of behaviours of concern that support workers may come across when supporting older people living at home.

The Palliative Approach and End of Life Care will assist workers in community and aged care services with the knowledge, skills and values required when caring for older clients at the end of their life, using a palliative approach.

Manual Handling for Support Workers in Home Care clearly explains what manual handling is in home care, potential risks and hazards and what to do about them and how to perform home care tasks safely to avoid strain and injury.

Human Movement. Understanding the basic concepts of human movement is essential for people who work in the health, aged and community care sectors.

Healthy Bodies is an excellent starting point for anyone who requires a basic knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the 11 human body systems.

Communicate and Connect targets the specific communication skills required to build trust and respect between coordinators/team leaders and their clients and colleagues in community and aged services.

Write With Care. Writing and Recording for Workers in Residential Youth Services. Recording accurately is essential for workers in residential youth services – for duty of care towards their clients and co-workers, to provide non-judgemental information which can increase the quality of care provided and as a legal record.

Hazards and Risks encourages support workers to be aware of hazards and potential harm to themselves and their clients and demonstrates how to report and record these hazards clearly, concisely and accurately. Includes an interactive section at the end of each chapter.

It all Adds Up. Reading rosters and filling in time sheets accurately may seem mundane tasks but they are a vitally important aspect of every home and community support worker’s employment. This video explores the relevance of numeracy in the everyday work of support workers.

Reading, Recording and Reporting. This video is based on realistic work situations and demonstrates the relevance and importance of reading, reporting and recording for support workers who work in a client’s home or community setting.


Just Like You is an acclaimed video on communication with people who have a disability. The messages are relevant to the entire community and it has also been used by a wide range of industries and institutions in training people who meet people with a disability in their work. These include Centrelink, National Bank, Virgin Airlines, IBM and TAFEs and RTOs around Australia.

Duty of Care makes a complex subject easy to understand, is non-threatening and gives a process for people to work through in the situations they may encounter in their work.

Workplace Training

Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing is an introduction to environmental sustainability in Australian manufacturing.

Implement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices. This video explains how to implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices by showing the stages of this process using real Australian manufacturing workplace examples.

Estimating and Tendering for Building Projects will assist builders, estimators, trade contractors and managers in small to medium sized domestic building businesses with some of the communication and numeracy skills they need in estimating and tendering.

5S in the Office clearly explains what 5S is and how to apply it in any office environment. It could be a large or small office in any industry such as manufacturing, health care, government, education, financial, construction or defence services.

What is 5S clearly explains to workers what 5S is, how to apply it in their workplaces and what the benefits are to them, their business and the Australian manufacturing industry.

5S in Manufacturing for Team Leaders. Focuses on developing the communication and leadership skills needed by team leaders to help others apply 5S procedures to their job and their work area. Scaffolding Basics gives an introduction to what is required to work safely when undertaking restricted height and basic level scaffolding work.

Doggers – Doing the Job gives an overview of working as a dogger and is a good introduction to the range of things that doggers need to be aware of to safely perform dogging operations.

Forklifts – Risks and Hazards. A comprehensive look at the many potential dangers which forklift drivers may face. Forklifts are used across many different industries with workers from diverse backgrounds and with varying degrees of literacy, so a clear understanding of difficult concepts, such as “Load Centre Distance”, which affect their safety, is essential.

Meetings on Track. Developed for the rail industry to support the unit TLIE 2029 Conduct Workplace Information Briefings. The Bottom Line. This video is ideal for retail managers and supports the development of skills, language and practices of reading and writing budgets and reports in the retail industry.

Website video content

What Works for LLN. Online library of free language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) videos. These videos can be used as LLN professional development for VET practitioners and non-training staff in an RTO as well as supporting the delivery of the units TAELLN401A

Building Strong Foundations. Online information and advice to support users of the FSK Foundation Skills Training Package. Building Strong Foundations includes 22 video segments.

Energy Efficiency Guide for small businesses. Encourages small business to adopt more sustainable, efficient and profitable practices by saving energy.
Assessment Case Studies showcases a range of assessment methods that are useful and relevant to different industries

Educational videos

Think Like an Entrepreneur. Three young entrepreneurs encourage young people to think in an entrepreneurial manner at school, in employment, their communities or in business. This video has been distributed to every Secondary School in Australia.

FAB CPA Careers succeeds in making accountancy not boring! It is aimed at late Secondary and early Tertiary students and encourages them to look at accounting to further their careers.

Deadly ‘eh Cuz is a Koorie English Literacy Project which is part of a professional development project for educators.

Let’s Plan A Business is aimed at senior Secondary students in business studies or commerce and gives them an overview of the importance of a business plan and the elements involved.

Why Risk It? is a financial literacy video. The target audience is mid Secondary students and the DVD examines risk management and insurance in students’ lives.

International Baccalaureate promotes the benefits and advantages to students and schools of doing the I.B.

Good Practice in use of copyright material for TAFE Association Vic. 

Workplace Induction

Unilever Foods. Induction video for staff and site visitors, giving them an overall look at the workplace site with an emphasis on safety.

Unilever Foods production lines videos. Staff describe the production process for specific lines at the Unilever Foods factory Knoxfield. The purpose is for staff at the replacement factory to have a basic understanding of that production line.

Calvary Silver Circle gives staff an overview of the values, skills, standards and behaviours required by Calvary Silver Circle.

Eden in Oz gives an overview of the principles of Eden in Oz and can be used as an induction as well as promotional video.


Yorta Yorta Language Heritage explores the importance of language and its preservation within the community.

So You want To Be A Director? explains the crucial issues of the roles and responsibilities of directors of Aboriginal community organisations.

Let’s Talk Business encourages indigenous women to start their own enterprises and explores the skills and approaches needed to start a business.


Respite helps You Find The Balance. This video encourages carers of people, who are elderly or who have a disability, to acknowledge their own needs and use respite care

We Can Move On tells the stories of wives and partners of Vietnam Veterans. It acknowledges the past and encourages them to use the support available to them to move towards a better future.

Just Care For Us presents young carers and the different problems they face when they care for a parent or sibling with a mental or physical disability.

Time For You is presented by Julie McCrossin and explores the issues which carers of people who have a mental illness face every day.

Home Share. This video shows real people talking about the benefits of the Home Share program and how it works.


Nursing and Numeracy. Medication Calculations for Enrolled/Division 2 Nurses

Swallowing Difficulties for the Motor Neurone Disease Association examines the swallowing process and the management of swallowing difficulties by carers. It is used in Australia and overseas by health professionals and carers.

Smoking Cessation for Oral Health Professionals gives dentists and oral hygienists a framework and techniques to use to encourage their patients to quit smoking.

The 5 AAAAAs is directed to General Practitioners giving them strategies to assist pregnant women quit smoking.

Get Stronger, Live Longer promotes the benefits of strength training for both physical and mental health, particularly to older people.



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