Implement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices

Duration: 28 min 26 secs

This video explains how to implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices by showing the stages of this process using real Australian manufacturing workplace examples.

The video shows the process of how a manufacturing business can look for, and put into practice, ways of using less electricity, gas and fuel, water and raw materials and create less waste during the production process.

By collecting baseline data, areas for improvement are chosen and targets are set. The information that is recorded and monitored will clearly show improvements made and money saved.

The video also has case studies of four Australian manufacturing businesses that have put into place recording and monitoring processes, and changed work practices, that have resulted in ongoing financial and environmental savings.

Environmentally sustainable work practices are an integral part of innovation and continuous improvement in lean manufacturing.

The resource also comes with a Trainer GuideĀ and support materials that can be customised for different working and training situations.

The Trainers’ Guide includes:

  • hints on how to use the video
  • mapping of the video and Support Materials to the unit Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • key word and concepts list
  • advice for trainers on supporting the language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) needs of learners.

The Support Materials Toolkit contains:

1. Plain English documents provided in Word so that trainers can easily customise them to use as learner information sheets and practice materials. These relate to:

  • sourcing environmental regulations that apply to their enterprise
  • identifying further sources of information about environmentally sustainable practices in manufacturing
  • tracking resource use and conducting material audits
  • developing objectives and targets
  • developing an action plan for the organisation
  • communicating with stakeholders.

2. PDF and Word documents reproduced with permission from their copyright owners. These are generally the audit tools and processes. The environmental audit process will vary considerably depending on the nature of the enterprise. These tools and guides have been selected because they are clearly presented, not overly complex and provide a format for devising customised audit tools and systems.

Project developed by Fran Haarsma Productions and MESAB. Funded under the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

ISBN 978-0-646-57772-2

“Very impressive, easy to follow, highly topical and I am looking forward to using the resource”.

Anthony Evans, Director
Food Service and Manufacturing Solutions Pty Ltd

“After much research, I came across this resource from “Ideas That Work” which was exactly what I was looking for. The material is well designed and I can contextualise it to suit our industry. Many thanks for a great product”.

Luck Mosey, Engineering Training Manager/Rangers TEC Aeroskills, Australian Centre for Mission Aviation.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction
  • Identify environmental laws, regulations and systems
  • Resources, purchasing and processes
  • Set targets
  • Put the plan into action
  • Monitor what you are doing

Resource Material for:

  • individuals working, or aiming to work, at the team leader or supervisor level in a manufacturing enterprise and who will have some responsibility for the environmental sustainability of the enterprise
  • learners/workers undertaking the unitĀ  MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices.

RTOs and organisations can use this resource in several ways:

  • in classroom delivery
  • for in-house or supervisor-led training
  • as a flexible delivery resource.

As many Training Packages have now incorporated the MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices unit in their qualifications, workers from a range of different industries will benefit from this resource through their understanding of the knowledge, processes and techniques necessary to implement and monitor environmentally sustainability work practices.

The resource will assist learners, particularly those with Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) difficulties to understand the concepts of identifying, implementing and monitoring environmentally sustainable work practices and the relevance of these to their work.

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