Work Legally and Ethically

Duration: 21 mins 46 sec

Working legally and ethically go hand in hand to provide the best care possible to every client.

Support workers need to understand that laws are designed to protect everyone’s safety and rights as a citizen. These laws are the basis of the Policy and Procedures that support workers must follow when they work.

Ethics are based on the values we live our lives by and are about what is right or wrong. Ethics means we show respect for every person. We do not judge, we accept people as they are, and support their rights, their dignity and their choices.

This is the basis of person centred care.

In the DVD there are eight scenarios which show a situation between a client and a support worker where there is a legal situation or ethical dilemma.

The video can be used as an interactive learning tool:

  • play a scenario and the three different responses from the worker
  • some possible consequences of these responses are presented
  • pause the video, discuss the possible consequences and which response from the worker is correct
  • resume the video and the correct answer is then given.

Or the video can just be played all the way through.

ISBN: 978-0-9870953–8-1


“The video was set out well and covered many circumstances that staff do face in the work they do.

We are placing your Work Legally and Ethically video in our induction training to assist new staff.

The bonus resources supplied as word documents where we can place our logo is most helpful”.

Quality and Auditing Officer
Aspire Support Services, NSW


“This DVD, Work Legally and Ethically is a powerful instructional tool that summarises the legal and ethical aspects related to Home and Community work.

The scenarios are clear, interactive and support community home care workers to make the right decisions when faced with legal and ethical matters.  It is certainly one I would use in the classroom”.

Deanne York Douglas
Care Course Coordinator
Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Community College

Topics covered:


How the scenarios work

Scenario 1       Assist with medication

Scenario 2       Dignity of Risk

Scenario 3       Abuse of a client

Scenario 4       Physical risks

Scenario 5       The right to complain

Scenario 6       Privacy and confidentiality- medical

Scenario 7       Privacy and confidentiality- social media

Scenario 8       Your values versus the client’s values

Resource Material

Community Services Training Package

  • CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support

To support the delivery of the unit

  • CHCLEG001 Work legally and ethically

Some of the scenarios can also be used as support material for the following units:

CHCCCS031 Provide individualised support
CHCCCS040 Support independence and wellbeing
CHCCCS038 Facilitate the empowerment of people receiving support

Community Services Training Package

  • CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support

To support the delivery of the unit

  • CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance


Note about the Work Legally and Ethically streaming video

When you subscribe to the streaming version of this video you have two options. Play each scenario with the correct answer given at the end, or play each scenario without the answer given at the end.

You also have immediate access to the following bonus written materials:

  • a full transcript of the video
  • a worksheet for the 8 scenarios which you can customise for your own organisation
  • an answer sheet for the 8 scenarios
  • a handout on ethical questions to ask yourself.

Note about the DVD version of Work Legally and Ethically

  • bonus written materials can be emailed to you on request to


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