How much does streaming a video cost?


12 month standard streaming video subscription

12 months streaming is the same price as purchasing the DVD version of the video. See the Ideas That Work video price list for streaming cost for each video.

  • Unlimited views during your subscription period
  • Share with your team/students via private link which you copy and paste into an email to them.
  • Comes with the video script and additional resources (where available)

NOTE: The link will expire in 30 days from the day it was generated. Each time you generate a link it lasts for 30 days so if any staff/student need access to a video again then generate a new 30 day link and send it to them.

12 months PRO streaming video subscription 

See the Ideas That Work video price list for streaming prices of individual videos.

  • The PRO streaming subscription comes with all the benefits of the standard subscription PLUS the added feature of being able to embed the video into your learning management system, intranet or any other private website.

NOTE: Only available to password-protected websites.


24 Hour streaming subscription for previewing any video is $5.95

  • This is a good option if you want to preview a video before purchase.
  • The 24 hours of streaming starts from when you select the video and pay for it.

NOTE: The 24 hour streaming subscription is for preview use only and cannot be shared with others or used for training.

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Ideas That Work video price list

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